Be Seen.
Be Seen.
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Selected artists for this round:

Elizabeth Riggle
Troy Dugas
Elizabeth Johnson
Charles Cohen
Chris Musina
Karrie Ross
Raymie ladevaia
Mary Kate Maher
Nancy Mladenoff
Rachel Ostrow

Reviews by the ArtVetting team and ISAAC LYLES from JACK TILTON GALLERY will post soon.


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ARTVETTING.COM aims to create a link between artists and art world professionals and offer more transparency about the art world. Artvetting arranges for artists to have their work seen by New York market makers whose art world business savvy qualifies them as sharp judges of talent. Each artist’s work gets an honest and straightforward appraisal, done with an eye for its intrinsic value within the current canon of contemporary art, but without hype or fanfare. We feel that this new model will work favorably for both artists and dealers. Artists get to present their work and have real-time assessment and appraisal, while the website builds a critical mass of new work that will, over time, provide an invaluable resource for collectors, curators, enthusiasts and students.


LIS IVERS has been involved in the traditional contemporary art world for more than 20 years, and has worked in almost every capacity at established New York galleries such as Marianne Boesky Gallery and Matthew Marks Gallery. Now with her own space, Elisabeth Ivers Gallery on 26th Street in Manhattan, she stages intimate salon-style shows that express her own interests. Her broad gallery experience affords her first-hand knowledge of how the art world operates, with its many layers of access, prestige and power.

DAN PEYTON has an extensive background in graphic design, commercial photography and advertising. He is a collector and over the last twelve years has amassed, along with his partner, Bayard, a wide-ranging contemporary collection of over 300 pieces. He is also a fine art photographer using early photographic techniques (, with work exhibited internationally and in corporate and private collections.


JAY SANDERS, Independent Curator. With a background in sociology, poetry and theory as well as art, Jay was recently described by the New York Times as having a ‘black belt in blur’ due to his peripatetic interests. Most recently he co-curated, with Elisabeth Sussman, the 2012 Whitney Biennial which was noted for its blending of art, performance, dance, poetry and music. From 2005 Sanders was director at Greene Naftali where he organized major monographic exhibitions of the artist/filmmakers Tony Conrad and Paul Sharits, along with shows by Allen Ruppersberg, Guy de Cointet, and others.

Sanders has programmed performance, music, and film exhibitions at such venues as the former Whitney branch at Altria, Issue Project Room, Anthology Film Archives, Sculpture Center, EAI, The Stone, Tonic, and for Performa. He is a member of the collaborative performance group Grand Openings, and has staged large-scale events at Anthology Film Archives for Performa 05 (New York), the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial (Japan), MUMOK (Vienna), and the Bumbershoot Festival (Seattle). He has produced and edited a DVD on the work of theater artist Richard Foreman, published a book of Jack Smith’s drawings, and co-edited, with poet Charles Bernstein, the seminal catalogue Poetry Plastique to accompany their 2001 exhibition by the same name at Marianne Boesky Gallery, where Sanders was a Gallery Director from 2000 to 2005. Sanders has written extensively for ArtforumParkettTexte zur KunstBOMB, and other publications.

EDWARD BOYER, President of New York-based Edward Boyer Associates, Inc. has an international background in journalism, finance and art. His company is one of the country’s leading fine art consulting firms that serves both institutional and private clients. Since 1993, it has acquired, sold and co-managed approximately 5000 works of fine art with an estimated current fair market value of $350 million. Corporate clients include: American Express Company, Citigroup, Istituto Mobiliare Italiano and Teikoku Databank. Edward is also a certified professional coach with special insight into the psychology of success.

CLAY HAPAZ is a daily archivist, a frequent painter, and an occasional curator. A member of the experimental theater company The Wooster Group since the early 1990s, he has done countless jobs in his days there, but has worked primarily as the Assistant Director and currently as the Archivist. He recently organized “The Wooster Group on Film and Video 1975-2004”, a comprehensive series hosted by Anthology Film Archives. He has helped to create and produce several DVD presentations of work by TWG and was an Associate Editor of “The Wooster Group Work Book”. In 2011 he curated “Two Colors”, a two-gallery exhibition at Elisabeth Ivers Gallery & Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts. In 2003 he co-curated with Elisabeth Ivers & Jay Sanders, “Half Air”, at Marianne Boesky Gallery, with work by: Forrest Bess, Glenn Branca, James Bishop, Charlemagne Palestine, Jack Smith, and The Wooster Group. He is working on an exhibit for fall 2012 and also a performance series slated for The Performing Garage in May 2013.